Mumbai – City Guide

Mumbai - City GuideMumbai houses India’s largest Stock Exchange, which is supposed to be the third largest in the world. Located on the West Coast of India, Mumbai is a place for fun lovers. The city has natural harbor which was developed by British. It is one of the busy ports of India and handles approximately 40 % of India maritime trade.

The group of seven island was leased to East India Company who offered freedom of business and religion to persons who came and settled here. Mumbai is more than a cosmopolitan city made of concrete buildings. The factories and mills in Mumbai operate day and night and thereby meet the growing demands of the commercial city of Mumbai.

Apart from being the commercial city of India, Mumbai boast number of tourists attractions. Some of the tourists spots to name are Gateway Of India, Haji Ali Mosque, Chowapathy beach, Marine drive.

Global India Medical Tourism: We introduce ourselves as – Global India Medical tourism company. We are in medical field since last 2 decades and have served people at all levels catering to patients with various ailments and medical conditions. We have a company which was founded in 2009, based in Mumbai, India and has tie up with various healthcare providers and insurance companies. We offer a complete cure in hospitals with world class facilities and revitalizing experience at spa and wellness centers catering Ayurvedic and other alternative Therapies, we provide not only complete health care facilities at an affordable rates but also a good tour options as per the requirements.

Health care – India offers the world’s best healthcare facilities coupled with the best heritage and tourist destinations. We have range of multi-specialty hospitals, which provide secondary and tertiary healthcare to our patients. We have doctors, expert in various specialties practicing and treating patients for years together in the respective fields. Our team has extensive experience in facilitating international medical care with which gives “value for money” healthcare. with a human touch. Latest technology and equipments that support large number of medical investigations.

Our hospitals have ‘centers of excellence’ providing healthcare in various areas, such as cardiac care, orthopedics, neurosciences, oncology, kidney care, gastroenterology.

Travel – In addition to our medical services the company coordinates with all travel needs such us complete transport, travel, accommodation and tourist assistance for international patients seeking medical treatment in India including visa facilities and making your stay in this country a memorable one.

Our vision:

To facilitate the global healthcare for needy patients rendering an excellent services of the healthcare, hospitality and the travel options at affordable rates with a human touch.

Services Offered:

Visa and Foreign Exchange.


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