You have come to the right place!

You have come to the right place!Choose from Six destinations offering top quality treatments, a huge saving and the confidence of post operative care being available in the UK after you return.

Have a Free, No-Obligation Consultations in the UK and video/telephone consultations elsewhere in the world to help you make confident and well informed decisions.

We offer best value for money;

Our view of value for money is based on three entities; it is the Quality of Treatment and Care that you receive against the Costs that you pay. Now consider the following:

* The hospitals on our network are accredited by national and/or international quality organisations for excellence in clinical governance. The facilities at these hospitals are at the forefront of technology and they exercise a stringent infection control policy.

* The surgeons on our panel have international qualifications, they subscribe to continual professional development and have over 20 years of experience in their chosen specialisation.

* Your care involves best practice in nursing, proactive patient mentoring, ease of communication and meeting the special needs of our clients.

* Post operative care is the most important element in the continuum of care that we practice at Euromedical Tours. Your peace of mind is our business.

Remain in control of your healthcare process;

Once you register, you can rely on us to provide you with information that is relevant to your requirements. You may rest assured that:

* Your information will only be shared with those professionals who are connected to the delivery of services.

* All information sent to you by our staff is maintained in your case file and can be made available on request.

* Advice will be offered to you by Consultants on our panel to make decisions.

* Your medical history and records will be made available by the Service Providers on our network for reference in providing post operative care.

Patient Advocacy and Post Operative Care

We operate a policy of representing the interests of our clients and ensure that they have continuity of care even after they return to their countries of origin.

Contact Us

Call, email or Skype us for more information on how we may help you with your specific needs.


Specialist travel insurance for UK residents travelling abroad for cosmetic, dental and elective treatments.

[06/20/12] Please feel free to post any questions or queries you have about your insurance needs for your medical trip abroad.


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