Hospital Eugenio Espejo, Quito, Ecuador

Hospital Eugenio Espejo, Quito, EcuadorWith the best google reviews (all of our entries have over 4 stars, but at 4.5 this hospital has the populist vote), the fifth entry on our list is back in the capital of Quito.

Built in 1912 at the behest of the national government, Hospital Eugenio Espejo is the premiere national hospital of Ecuador and is the epicenter for the Ecuadorian national health policy and medical education. It features the most comprehensive array of general medical practices, including:

    Transplant services Service of infectious diseases Orthotic and prosthetic workshops A service unit of comprehensive care for the elderly Rheumatology Imaging services Clinical neurology Internal medicine Physical medicine and rehabilitation Clinical laboratory and pathology Immunology Hematology services Emergency services Epidemiology services Coloproctology services

Don’t Worry, Ecuador Has Quality Dental Care Too

Unlike the other entries on the list, Hospital Eugenio Espejo should be especially noted for offering dental services.

Contrary to conceptions of concern regarding dental service outside the United States, Ecuador is particularly well noted for its excellent dental services. Featuring highly trained dentists and dental hygienists, dental clinics in Ecuador are well reviewed for utilizing the most cutting edge dental technologies and their exceptional performance of procedures at a fraction of the cost of similar work in the United States.

Voz Andes


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