Medical Tourism Costa Rica – Is this the ideal medical travel destination?

World Class Healthcare Services

Medical Tourism Costa Rica – Is this the ideal medical travel destination?Healthcare standards in Costa Rica, especially in the three major private hospitals (all JCI accredited), actually meet or exceed the most rigorous international standards. It is a well-known fact that health care standards in Costa Rica often surpass those in the U. S. and other First World nations. This is not to knock the healthcare services in those nations; instead, it goes to show the level of care and proficiency you can expect if Costa Rica is your chosen medical travel destination.

Close Proximity to North America

Since Costa Rica is on the Central American Isthmus, it is only 2.5 hours from Miami, 3.5 hours from Houston, 5.5 hours from LA and New York, and less than 8 hours from most major Canadian destinations. If you are in North America and you are looking to travel to Asia, you can expect to spend approximately 14 hours in an airplane if you are traveling to Turkey, 18 hours if you are travel to India, and about 24 hours if you are traveling to Thailand; and this does not include layover times if you have to take connecting flights. You can easily spend more than one day traveling to your destination! There are direct flights available to Costa Rica from major North American destinations, and it is easy to make a connection to and from the major hubs that offer non-stop flights.

A Tropical Country

Even though Costa Rica is a tropical country, temperature average is around 72 degrees year round. You can expect warmer temperatures, around 90 degrees during the day, if you go to the Pacific or Caribbean coasts, but they tend to cool off when the ocean breeze comes in to give you a very pleasant evening. There are very pleasant days, 75 to 80 degrees in the Central Valley, where the capital, San Jose is located. Evenings are mild, but they can also cool off considerably, especially if you are up in the mountains where temperatures can dip into the 50s, but you can usually expect your evenings to be in the 60s if you are in San Jose.

A Tropical Climate

Since Costa Rica is a tropical country, it has a tropical climate with two seasons to speak of. The dry season begins in early December and lasts until mid-May, and the wet season takes over from mid-May until early December. During the rainy season, you can expect rain every day, but it doesn’t rain the entire day. You will usually have warm, humid mornings, followed by storm clouds full of rain rolling in off the Caribbean around noon. It usually rains from noon until 5:00 or 6:00 PM, and then you can expect cool evenings until the cycle begins again the next day.

Time Difference

If you travel to Asia, you are going to have to go across many time zones, with the accompanying jetlag and fatigue from being in an airplane the better part of a day or more. On the other hand, Costa Rica is an ideal medical tourism destination because it is on Central Standard Time or GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) minus 6. Your communication with our network of service providers in Costa Rica is much simpler since there will not be much time difference to speak of. This will also simplify your travel if you are in North America because you will not have to go across multiple time zones (more than ten) like you would if you were to travel to Turkey, India, Thailand, or some other far off destination.

JCI Accredited Institutions

Costa Rica has the distinct advantage of being able to offer three Joint Commission International accredited hospitals within close proximity of one another. You can easily drive from one JCI accredited hospital to another in approximately 30 minutes, sometimes less if there is little traffic What does this mean to you?

    Since international standards are in place, followed and well-documented, quality control is assured. You can expect an unequalled level of care since all three major private hospitals have to meet high international standards. Accountability is increased, and this is extremely important since medical travelers are very conscious of the safety and quality standards they expect and often demand.

Should Costa Rica medical tourism be your choice for healthcare services?

As can be seen above, there is no other country in the world offering the unique combination of political stability, safety, close proximity, JCI accredited facilities, quality of life, cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, world class doctors and medical centers, sustainable tourism, and affordability. When you are deciding which destination you should choose, take all of these factors into account, and you will see that Costa Rica is the logical choice if you want world class healthcare that you can actually afford.

The Find Medical Tourism Difference

Our network of service providers actually includes people on the ground in Costa Rica who will assist you with every aspect of your medical trip from beginning to end. When you fill out a contact form and request more information or a free quote, you will be assisted by a medical consultant who will find the best available treatment at the best available price. Since we have staff in the country, when you arrive in Costa Rica, you will receive VIP treatment from beginning to end. You will be fast-tracked through your appointments and procedure so that you have little or no waiting times. You will often find the doctors and medical staff waiting for you rather than you having to wait for them for what seems to be hours on end. Our aim is to become the place you turn to for all your health care needs. The way we accomplish it is by providing the best, highest quality medical experience you have ever had.


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