Top Online Healthcare Degrees

Top Online Healthcare DegreesSome of the top online healthcare degrees include:

    Clinical Medical Assisting Healthcare Management Health Services Administration Healthcare Administration Dental Assistant Massage Therapy Medical Administration Medical Billing and Coding Medical Office Administration Medical Office Transcribing

See growth rate percentage increase for Healthcare related fields – Source: BLS

Where Can You Work With a Healthcare Degree

The field of healthcare is broad and offers a number of different career paths for students to choose from.

Some of the places where you could work with a healthcare degree include:

    A clinic A nursing home Hospitals Community centers Outpatient centers And a number of other healthcare settings

What are the Career opportunities?

There are many career opportunities for candidates with healthcare degrees. These include being employed at hospitals, clinics and government offices as well as working for international welfare NGOs and global bodies such as UNICEF. A considerable number also work for pharmaceutical corporations and some give lectures in medical institutes. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2012, RNs earned a median salary of $65,470 where as dentists had a median wage of $145,240 per year in May 2012. This may increase with experience, expertise and specialization.


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