Medical Tourism Association Take Legal Action Against International Medical Travel Association

Medical Tourism Association Take Legal Action Against International Medical Travel AssociationAccording to a report posted by the International Medical Travel Journal (www. imtjonline. com), the Medical Tourism Association, a non-profit association has taken legal action against the International Medical Travel Association. The MTA is an association that was incorporated in Florida while IMTA is a non-profit association that is registered in Singapore. The MTA has taken legal action against IMTA for trade name infringement and unfair competition. The case was filed in a US District Court.

According to the IMJT report, the IMTA sees no reason why their organization would be singled out when there are many more associations that have been registered with MTA in them. Some of these organizations include the Asian Medical Tourism Association and the Indian Medical Travel Association.

The report also quoted a statement released by IMTA President to its members. According to the statement quoted, IMTA President Ruben Toral said, “The IMTA was clearly the first organization of its kind to serve the medical travel industry; there are over half a dozen associations with medical tourism in their name; and the organization is not engaged in any commercial activity whatsoever.”

The International Medical Travel Association was registered in October 2006 in Singapore while the Medical Tourism Association was incorporated in May 2007.

The official statement reads, “It is unclear why the MTA singled out the IMTA, whose officers and board members perform their duties on an unpaid, voluntary basis.  Several attempts were made to settle this issue amicably, but were unsuccessful and the continuous threat of litigation made it difficult for the organization to carry out meaningful initiatives around quality, liability and continuity of care.”  


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