The advantages of the cooperation with the MedExpress Company

    Competence – we offer a competent medical advice, among the employees of our company there is a doctor, candidate of medical sciences.
    The leading foreign doctors – we recommend high-quality specialists in the relevant branch of medicine, the practitioners with the big amount of the successful operations, with minimal complications for patients and with the quick healing process of the surgical wounds.
    Great choice – the extended data base of the clinics in different countries of Europe and Asia let us to find an optimal variant for each client.
    Experience – more than 6 years we help to the Russian citizens, to the people in foreign countries to be examined and to receive treatment in the medical centers and clinics of Western Europe and Asia.
    Efficiency – we realize how it is important to arrange for a trip for a medical treatment, because for the health and life of the patient, not only days, but even hours are important. That is why we operate quickly and efficiently.
    Transparency of prices – we guarantee the transparency of all payments for diagnostics and treatment in the clinic.
    Taking care – we supervise each patient during and after diagnostics and treatment in the clinic. More than 40 patients a month entrust us their health.
    Confidence – all the information is strictly confidential, the patient chooses the list pf persons who receive the information about treatment.
    Comprehensive services – for you we arrange for the whole treatment and we will help you to settle all the organization matters. You just have to get better!

The advantages of the cooperation with the MedExpress CompanyWe are proud of the fact that more than a half of our clients now visit us on the recommendation of their friends and relatives. A lot of people enjoyed our services on arranging for a repeated diagnostics and treatment. Health is a very delicate and precious gift. Patients who go to be treated to the foreign clinics, have a complete confidence for us and towards our partners. We appreciate such a trust and we do our business professionally, we always try to reach the highest standards for our clients.

We understand the patient’s doubts when choosing the place of treatment, which they should prefer – a big university clinics, or a small hospital; multi-branch hospital, or a specialized medical institution. MedExpress Company will recommend you those medical institutions and those specialists who are the most suitable for you, based on your personal needs and your medical history.

Finally, we know, how sometimes it is not easy to stay abroad, out of the familiar surroundings, without support of the close relatives and friends. That is why we do our best, to create the best comfort for our patients and to provide for a pleasant leisure, because good state of mind is one of the most important premise of a quick recovery. Services and comfort in the foreign clinics, the friendliness of the medical staff will make you forget that you are far away from home. All you need is to make the first step on the way towards the healthy and happy life.

Please call us if you want to know about arranging for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation abroad, on phone

+7 (863) 29-888-08 ( round the clock).

MedExpress Company will find you quickly and confidentially for you and your relatives a doctor, or clinics in Germany, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Singapore and Japan, in accordance with your particular case.

OOO MedExpress invites for cooperation

Dear colleagues, to maintain cooperation with our company, please call us on

+7 (863) 29-888-08 ( round the clock),

or send your commercial offer by E-mail to: me-info@medical-express. ru.

Respectfully, yours, MedExpress Company.


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