Health tourism in Malaysia takes a bigger leap!

Health tourism in Malaysia takes a bigger leap!Published on. Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The health tourism industry of Malaysia has added huge impetus to the tourist inflow in the country. Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, Tourism and Culture Minister of Malaysia explained that medical tourism in Malaysia is far advanced and competitive than many neighboring countries. To quote the minister, ‘’ Tourists in the health industry mostly want to obtain medical services in this country because they trust our doctors have come from the best universities, such as in Russia, India and China, and they are confident of coming here to seek treatment.’’

He also said that Malaysia is equally good in after-care services as many exotic holiday resorts spread across the country are brilliant in terms of recuperation. To quote Aziz, ‘’ we have also won the world’s top awards in providing the best health tourism services for three years in a row. Therefore, this industry is definitely important in helping the country’s tourism industry.”

Nazri also explained that the ministry greeted many agencies associated with health and tourism industry to take part in tourism expos held all over the world.

Not to forget that Malaysia won the International Medical Travel Journal’s Medical Travel Destination of the Year award in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively. To add more to it, the country was also named as the “Best Healthcare in the World” by International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for three consecutive years (2015 to 2017).


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