Medical Tourism Services in India

Medical Tourism Services in IndiaA patient can travel to India for just about any medical procedure he or she needs to have done. The most common major surgeries patients fly in for is open heart surgery and orthopedic joint replacement surgery as these are very expensive types of necessary surgery if you do not have proper medical insurance. Indian hospitals today excel in these kinds of treatments and there are many hospitals specialize in both medicine fields.

Cosmetic procedures are also a very popular type of procedure to have done in India since medical insurance does not usually cover this kind of operation and the costs can be fairly high. Patients will travel for any plastic surgery, starting from breast augmentation and enlargements to complete facelifts and tummy tucks.

There are many private hospitals in India as some stand out with world renowned names. "Apollo Hospitals" is a main Indian chain that runs 53 different hospitals with over 8,500 beds. "Max Healthcare" is another known private hospital chain that runs eight medical centers in the national capital region in India.

If you are considering traveling abroad for medical treatments, be sure to include India in your research. This country hasn’t become the leading medical tourism destination by accident!

[This Article has been written by Stuart Ben. A professional medical tourism facilitator. You can read more about medical tourism in India here: Hospitals in India. TicketMed ]


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