Liposuction in India-Improve the Body’s Contour by Removing the Excess Fat

Liposuction in India-Improve the Body’s Contour by Removing the Excess FatOh what a head-turner she is. No one can take their eyes off from her. Are these the compliments you wish to hear while you walk into a party or just stroll by? While the web is flooded by before and after pictures of people undergoing massive weight loss treatments and making us anxious to aspire for the perfect body contour, busy lifestyle with just diet checks and exercise only does not really provide much incredible achievement. In such cases, liposuction as the name suggests removal of excess fat by suction comes as a boon for those who want to target only the problem areas like abdomen, thigh, arms etc and not overall weight loss.

And the next question is why should someone travel to India for liposuction? The major USP for having this treatment in India is its competitive pricing which goes hand in hand with technological advancements.

The problem areas that liposuction caters to

    Thighs and arms Hips and buttocks Abdomen and waist Back Chest area Face area like cheek, chin etc.

Liposuction is done wherever there is excess fat deposits between the skin and muscles creating the ideal body shape.

Ideal candidates for liposuction

First and foremost, we should know that liposuction is not for obese people who want overall weight loss. It is for those who have normal BMI or may be just 20 pounds more than their ideal body weight. They should be fit and healthy with a constant body weight with few localized areas of fat deposits. Those who are considering for pregnancy in the near future and nursing mothers should also avoid going for liposuction for the time-being. People taking blood thinning medication and allergic to lidocaine are also those who can’t take the benefit of liposuction. Age is also a factor, as the skin loses its elasticity with growing age. For older people skin tightening treatment is needed to be done along with liposuction to achieve the intended results.

Liposuction-the procedure

After administration of local or generalized anesthesia (as per doctor’s recommendation), small incisions are made on the regions of the body from where the unwanted fat has to be removed. Then with controlled movement of a cannula that is a hollow tube which is connected to a suction pump, the fat that is dislodged is pulled out by the syringe. With advancement in technology, today liposuction is even laser or ultrasound assisted to dissolve the fats and create a faster and more effective recovery.

Facts to clear before traveling to India for liposuction

Certain queries come in your mind the moment you decide to travel to another country to avail medical facilities. There is no doubt that today India is being counted upon as the next medical hub in plastic surgeries like liposuction with increasing tourists having faith on highly qualified doctors and their assisting staffs and also not to forget the much reduced cost for treatment which is around 1000-1500 USD. Regarding the time required for recovery in liposuction, it is supposed to take not more than a week to travel back and rejoin work. And finally, having a realistic approach and following a healthy diet with exercise brings the intended result in liposuction.

How will IndiCure help me?

Choosing the best among the lot of plastic surgeons in India seems to be quite a herculean task especially for those who are new in this country. IndiCure as a reputed medical tourism company facilitates you by seeking the best surgeon as per your needs. Thus you are in safe hands and have the opportunity to clear all your doubts with your plastic surgeon through IndiCure, before taking the final decision.


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