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Why is medical tourism from Australia booming? | SBS News

Related pagesA growing number of Australians are choosing to go overseas, especially to Asia, for medical procedures in a trend known as medical tourism.

Medical Tourism Australia – Medical Tourism Australia

Medical Tourism Australia has been created to connect and educate Australian health tourists with quality service providers from around the globe.

Global Health Travel – Quality Medical Treatment, Dental.

Global Health Travel helps Australians access a full range of medical procedures overseas, including: alternative medicine; cosmetic/plastic surgery

Medical Tourism in Australia – Treatments, Hospitals and.

Medical tourism in Australia is relatively new, and only a small part of the world’s medical tourism industry. While their health care program.

Medichol – Gold Coast Medical Tourism Australia

MedicHol is Gold Coast most trusted medical tourism company facilitating the healthcare needs of World health tourism patients seeking all forms of medical.

Medical Tourism Abroad

Medical Tourism Success Stories from Australia – Customers.

NIB health fund to offer medical tourism | The Australian

THE healthcare sector is set for a massive shake-up, with insurer NIB planning to sell offshore surgical packages to Australians who want the cheaper.

Medical Treatment Abroad & Medical Tourism in Bangkok Thailand

Don’t Stop Believing: Medical Tourism, Caribbean R.


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