Who are the Docs?

Who are the Docs?Becoming a medical doctor or dentist in Poland is a long and intense effort. After obtaining an undergraduate degree, dental students must study five years at a medical university. The last two years students gain valuable first hand experience by working with patients and are supervised by experienced dentists or dental surgeons. Medical students have practical classes with patients starting from their 3rd year of study at a medical university which last six years.

Upon graduation all medical doctors and dentists have a one-year internship after which they take The National Medical Exam to obtain a MD/Dentistry licence in Poland and register with the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. Membership is mandatory for all dentists and physicians who want to practice in Poland. This licence is also recognized in all of the European Union and other several countries. After qualifying, dentists can specialize in areas such as pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery, while medical doctors may apply for surgical or medical specialization (general surgery, orthopedics, general medicine, dermatology, ophtalmology, gyneacology, laryngology, etc.). Medical specialization takes another five years and is finished with an examination. Poland has recently introduced a compulsory post graduate education system similar to the Continuous Professional Development system in many European and US countries.


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