Medical Tourism’s Impact on Indian HealthCare Market

Medical Tourism’s Impact on Indian HealthCare MarketMedical Tourism or health tourism is a travel trip to a foreign destination for medical treatment. People travel across the world to receive health-treatments, much of it depends upon factors those are:

    Usually People travel from developing countries to highly developed countries for medical treatment because of unavailability of treatments in their own communities. In recent times people travel from developed countries to for medical treatments because of the two main reasons, one is cost and another reasons are, some treatments may not be legal in their own country, Skilled doctors and improved quality of private healthcare etc…

Companies like International Hotel Group and tourism resorts that provide facilities mainly on recovery needs and also leisure recovery. Recovery retreats provide high-end services to the patient. There are many Emerging Medical professionals that guides the people who are looking for a trusted support The Holiday Healer.

The Global Healthcare in Medical Tourism:

The following are Some Common Treatments/Procedures that patients pursue during medical tourism trips to India

    Knee Replacement Cardiac surgery Cosmetic surgery Dental Care Organ transplantation, Orthopaedic surgery Urology Eye Treatment

It also provides Traditional Rejuvenation Therapy:

    Yoga Ayurvedic therapy Homeopathy Naturopathy

Impact of Medical Tourism:

The medical tourism has an impact on hospitality and tourism industry. It can influence,

    Social Industrial Financial Environmental Business and Hospitality sectors in an economy

Its impact on global health care leads to, innovation in health care solution, enhancements in health care solutions and in the number of health care professionals, Increased Healthcare international standards in healthcare and emergence of supporting healthcare infrastructure.

India‘s Strong Growth in Healthcare:


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