Bahrain in a snapshot

    Currency – Bahraini dinar Language – Arabic, English Climate – Low level winds come from the Zagros Mountains, dust storms from Saudi Arabia and Iraq, especially in June and July. Summers are dry and very hot, the seas around the island produce high humidity. Temperatures in summer might reach 50 °C (122 °F). Rainfalls are rare, occurring especially in winter. Capital – Manama King – Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah

More about Bahrain

Bahrain in a snapshotBahrain has more than 2 million tourists annually, most of them coming from the Arab states in the Persian Gulf, but the number of people coming from other countries is in a continuous increase. The Dilmun civilization which lived here, left behind amazing temples, settlements and numerous burial mounds spread all over the island.

Even if Bahrain might seem rough on the outside, once you get to know it you will fall in love with its beauties. Manama has many sites to offer, the National Museum filled with history and traditions, the amazing burial mounds at Sar, the traditional Muharraq houses, the modern Bahrain World Trade Centre and also King Fahd Causeway. Unfortunately, swimming at the beaches is not quite possible, as the water around the island is so shallow that you might wade out as far as 500 meters and the water will still be only up to your knees. But you can always choose the pools at the hotels and clubs.


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