Plastic Surgery in Brazil

Plastic Surgery in BrazilBrazil has more licensed plastic surgeons per capita then any other country, and as such, performs the third highest number of cosmetic procedures after the U. S. and China.

The famous Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio de Janeiro is named after the “king of plastic surgery”, the Brazilian doctor Ivo Pitanguy. Every year, Pitanguy himself helps train more than 4,000 new surgeons.

Most foreign cosmetic surgery patients flock to the cities of São Paulo and Rio, the country’s two largest cities, where they can find international standards of care. While it is possible to find glitzy, overpriced clinics, the sheer number of surgeons available means that there are plenty of cheap and excellent facilities to choose from.

Medical tourism in Brazil is an expanding and ever growing industry. No matter what the reasons for seeking procedures abroad, patients can expect and enjoy great prices, a high quality of care, and a relaxing recovery in a beautiful setting.

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