Poland: Why it Should Be Your Medical Travel Destination

Poland: Why it Should Be Your Medical Travel DestinationWith the advent of globalization, the best medical care can now be accessed much more easily thanks to the growing trend of medical travel.

All across the globe, anyone in need of treatment can greatly benefit because the goal behind medical travel is to facilitate smooth access to world class healthcare at affordable rates. At International Med Retreat, we offer a spectrum of medical procedures in several countries, such as Poland, with highly established and excellent medical care.

Procedures that we offer in Poland are categorized depending on their nature. The first category is Medical procedures which include High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) treatment. HIFU treatment uses ultrasound energy to treat localized prostate cancer while CCSVI treatment is specifically used for patients with multiple sclerosis who develop vascular irregularities. The second category is orthopedic procedures. Patients with orthopedic problems would greatly benefit from the total hip and total knee replacements offered in Poland. These two procedures involve replacing diseased or worn out hip and knee joints with prostheses.

Weight loss procedures form the third category of treatment options we offer in Poland. Available procedures include gastric bypass and lapband procedures. They entail surgical reduction of the stomach to minimize food intake by the patient and therefore aid in preventing additional weight gain and facilitating life changing weight loss. They are great alternatives to the more common weight loss modalities. The fourth category of procedures is all about cardiac health. In Poland, we offer patients with cardiac illnesses like valvular disease, an opportunity for treatment through surgeries like coronary bypass and valve replacement.

In light of all the above that we offer, why choose Poland? Most importantly, Poland stands out as one of the countries with facilities and technology that delivers state of the art healthcare.

At International Med Retreat; we work with a professional and highly experienced medical team. They have been trained in the best institutions of the world including the U. S. and they are board certified. Moreover, we use only the best hospitals and clinics in Poland. Ameds Clinic is one such center of excellence where our services are offered. As a matter of providing utmost care, International Med Retreat organizes for your travel and accommodation when receiving treatment in Poland.

Travelling to Poland is beneficial in more than just one way. The greatest benefit is the affordability of treatment.

For instance, undergoing a Total Knee Replacement procedure in Poland will cost up to 70% less than the cost that would have been incurred in the U. S. You can also receive treatments, like HIFU for Prostate Cancer, that are still considered experimental in the United States.

Better yet, while receiving the best healthcare, you also get to experience the beauty and enchanting life of Poland. The rich European culture, the art, delicious food and historical architecture offer many attractions. Krakow and Warsaw are two of the must-see cities in Poland and that is where our services are based. With such a package, Poland is definitely a choice destination for medical travel.


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