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Contact ExporterThailand Medical Travel & Tourism (TMTT) is a full – service medical travel agency who specializes in Thailand. The company is headed by a team of experts in Thailand medical tourism and international business with a combined experience of over 30 years. TMTT’s founder has already been assisting international patients to Thailand for more than 10 years. TMTT offers highly personalized medical travel services to Thailand that result in the profound and transforming life experiences of its clients. The goal is to make the medical travel experience as affordable, enjoyable and carefree as possible. TMTT has developed working relationships with a network of highly skilled and reputable physicians, clinics and hospitals in Thailand. It is this relationship that allows them to coordinate initial dialogue between doctors and prospective patients, scheduling of medical consultations, examinations and treatment with travel arrangements in advance of the client’s departure from their home country. This is followed by complete “on ground” coordination of communications between physicians, medical staff, clinics, hospitals and the medical traveler.

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by Nick Verrastro, July 07, 2011

Travel agents serving medical travelers should be familiar with medical travel destinations, including the local language, and have contacts with English-speaking healthcare professionals and destination service providers.

That’s the advice of Hawaii veterinarian Joanne Woltmon, DVM. Woltmon recently traveled to Thailand for eyelid surgery and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

Woltmon’s trip was handled by Thai Medical Travel & Tourism (TMTT), a division of the Honolulu travel agency International Travel Services, Inc.

Thai Medical Travel & Tourism provides referral services and travel arrangements. The company’s expertise in travel and in providing referrals was a key contributor to the successful outcome of her medical trip, Woltmon told Travel Market Report.

A positive experience

“It is daunting enough to be facing a surgical or medical procedure, but to do so in a foreign country compounds this fact, even knowing that these doctors are highly qualified and trained,” she said. “TMTT’s expertise and assistance made my travel experience a very positive one.”

International Travel Services’ co-owners Kiki Bright and Cheri Bright established Thailand Medical Travel & Tourism in 2008 to cultivate a network of agents who can book travel arrangements for medical travelers to Thailand. (See related story, Thai Tourism Launches Web-Based Med Travel Promo, Nov. 8, 2011.)

A valuable assist

Woltmon said the medical travel specialists helped her in number of ways, including providing links to websites where she could find answers to questions about her upcoming surgical procedure arrangements.

The travel company also set up airport-hotel transfers. The ground transportation turned out to be especially valuable, since Woltmon’s flight was delayed, eventually landing at 2:30 a. m.

In-country companion

The agency also arranged for an in-country personal assistant to accompany Woltmon, helping her to catch taxis, get to appointments on time and communicate with hospital staff and doctors.

The assistant also accompanied Woltmon on side tours before her procedure and during her convalescence. One notable experience, she related, was a pre-op ferry ride from Bangkok to Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha.

“The buildings were fabulous. Especially as the sun was setting, the golden glow of the temple was amazing,” said Woltmon.

Wat Pho is also the site of Thailand’s first medical and massage school.


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