07 Aug Risks of Overseas Plastic Surgery

07 Aug Risks of Overseas Plastic SurgeryWhen looking into plastic surgery, many have recently become captivated by the overseas cosmetic surgeries offered in various destinations. The main point to this cosmetic surgery abroad is the promise of noticeable savings. But it is important to remember to weigh any potential savings against the potential risks involved.

Dr. Parson and his staff pride themselves on high standards and guidelines that are followed with every procedure and surgery performed. Surgeries overseas are much less controlled, monitored and consistent with that in the United States. There is virtually no method of guaranteeing an overseas surgeon’s credentials with the validity you find here. Communication and trust are the most important things to build with your cosmetic surgeon, and a one time meet and greet with a foreign doctor is not the route to a successful surgery.

You must also beware of the ‘holiday sell’ method. Numerous surgeons and clinics advertise their procedures with the equality of a relaxing vacation. This is simply not the case. Extra bills and ‘botched’ procedures are all too common, and the aftercare required is often not given adequately. It is important to remember that with any surgery, no matter how good the surgeon and staff, complications can arise during and after the procedure. The aftercare necessary to prepare for such occasions is highly improper with plastic surgeons overseas. Full body recovery and adjustment continues to evolve close to a year, especially with breast augmentations. If problems arise down the road it will be a hard journey to receive help from your original plastic surgeon overseas.

Contact Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Parson

Dr. Parson and his staff are always committed to giving you the care and attention you deserve. Whether you receive a surgery from Dr. Parson or not, we highly recommend finding a trusted surgeon right here in the United States as opposed to cosmetic surgery abroad. Contact Dr. Parson today and ask for your consultation in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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