Medical Tourism Marketing – Audience by the Numbers

Medical Tourism Marketing – Audience by the NumbersIt is because so many patients are seeking quality healthcare under the categorization of medical tourism that marketing practices must expand for medical practices, doctors, and hospitals to meet these expectations.

Here are some startling facts about the ten most prominent destinations for medical tourism:

Costa Rica

    Medical tourists per year: 50,000 Considered one of the top medical tourism destinations representing 15% of all international tourists


    Medical tourists per year: 90,000 The top medical tourism spot in Asia, Taiwan offers medical services with prices that are 50% lower than those in the US.


    Medical tourists per year: 110,000 Primarily interested in eye surgery and check-ups, interventions in Turkey might cost 60% less than US procedures.


    Medical tourists per year: 180,000 Brazil is one of the most popular destinations in South America with more than 4,500 licensed plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery procedures in Brazil cost 60% less when you compare them to the cost of the same procedures in the US.


    Medical tourists per year: 250,000 One of the top medical tourism services offered in Malaysia is burn treatments.


    Medical tourists per year: 400,000 Some of the treatments patients seek in this country are orthopedic and cardiac procedures.


    Medical tourists per year: 610,000 Singapore has become rather well-known for its sophisticated cancer diagnosis and treatment services. Apart from these treatment services, Singapore has 22 JCI accredited facilities, modern healthcare institutions and a $300 million biotechnology research center.

United States

    Medical tourists per year: 800,000 Receives around 800,000 medical tourists every year looking for rare treatments on the most complicated health conditions.


    Medical tourists per year: Over 1 million The US. Statistics show that over 70% of U. S. medical tourists in Mexico come from Arizona, California and Texas. The most common services include dental work and weight loss surgery.


    Medical tourists per year: 1.2 million Thailand hosts the largest amount of medical tourists. Cosmetic surgery and rehabilitation treatment services are considered discrete and private with exemplary services and low cost.

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