OvervirwWe Care India coordinates overseas healthcare for the uninsured desiring to travel abroad as they could not obtain or could not afford healthcare in the US or their respective country. Over time, as news of medical tourism spread, carriers, employers and self insured groups began to ask We Care India to explore ways that would allow We Care India to solve their skyrocketing healthcare cost problem.

Consequently, while maintaining our commitment to individual self payers, we expanded into healthcare solutions. As a result, over the past two years, We Care India has developed several products for the marketplace.

Most of our products center around four critical needs. –

Self insured companies and their related partners (such as Stop Loss agencies, TPAs, and MGUs) Uninsured and underinsured individuals. Healthcare plans that need to control expenses. Immigrants and guest workers who need affordable healthcare while working in the US, Europe and other countries.

If your needs fall into any of the above category, click chances are we can assist you. Please select which situation best suits your needs from the list below or, if you are looking for an innovative solution not listed below, use the contact form to the right and send us your question in the comment section.

Corporate / Institutional / Insurance – Overseas Healthcare Program

We Care India is now offering customized medical tourism programs to privately funded corporations, institutions and insurance companies looking to provide healthcare recipients with high quality, low cost alternatives to healthcare in the U. S, Europe and other countries.

Currently, U. S. healthcare costs Americans approximately $2 Trillion, 16% of the U. S. GDP, and is still on the rise. To circumvent the financial burden on company funded major medical care to their employees, a safe and viable option will be available to businesses and insurance companies willing to allow their healthcare recipients the opportunity to travel abroad to receive their medical procedures at a fraction of the cost.

One of the first questions we are asked is how will people respond to the option of receiving health care in another country? With the proper education, people will know that surgery conditions in many foreign countries are comparable to the U. S. Once the ‘quality’ objection has been satisfied, the next concern is how to provide people with an incentive to participate. Why would they agree to go overseas when they have the option of staying in the U. S.

Incentivizing Overseas Healthcare

Here’s an example of the most popular incentive model to the healthcare recipient. In the U. S. hip replacements can cost from $40,000.00 – $65,000.00.

You can offer the following incentive to the patient. –

Waive the deductible Waive the co-pay Offer them the opportunity to take a companion along on their medical retreat Allow an extended stay in the destination for recuperation Offer a cash incentive to receive their procedure abroad (not included in cost calculations that follow)

Now, let’s review the savings. For purposes of averaging the costs, let’s use $50,000.00 as the base price for a hip replacement in the U. S. The average cost for this procedure in one of our overseas destinations is approximately $15,000.00 and includes the following:

    Hip replacement including doctor’s fees, anesthesiologist fees, operating theater, prosthesis, 10 days physical therapy, 10 days stay in a private room, surgeon’s follow-up visits, nursing care, meals, supplies & a limited supply of medications Two round trip coach tickets Three weeks post operative recuperation in a 4-5 star hotel Full facilitation by We Care India Destination Program Management Services

This calculates to a savings of $35,000.00, or, 70% of the costs in the U. S. leaving a considerable amount of surplus for a cash incentive to the healthcare recipient.

Let’s take this one step further and offer to share a portion of the savings with the healthcare recipient. The net result, the employee will be in a positive cash flow situation instead of a cash deficit had they stayed in the U. S. Based on our research, the biggest motivating factor to someone choosing to receive surgery abroad is financial preservation.

As you can clearly see, there are huge financial benefits to a company considering this option. And, by utilizing the services of MedRetreat, you will be providing a clear, proven medical tourist model to your healthcare recipient that will best guaranty a safe and enjoyable medical retreat.

However, there are many issues to consider before venturing into the medical travel marketplace. We’d like to share these issues with you in advance of your efforts to make this vision of healthcare abroad a reality.

An invitation to receive more information

To schedule a call with a We Care India Commercial Healthcare Director, send an email with your company name and contact information to: pankaj. nagpal@wecareindia. com

Also, in your email, please include the number of healthcare recipients within your organization so we can determine the level of care you will require. We look forward to providing you with the very best commercial healthcare options available.

For more information, medical assessment and medical quote send your detailed medical history and medical reports


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