What to expect during Liposuction

What to expect during LiposuctionLiposuction in Turkey is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Your plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the skin, where a cannula is inserted through the incisions and moved back and forth to loosen fat. A surgical vacuum is attached to the cannula is used to help as power suction to dislodge fat out of the body.

After Liposuction

Day after Liposuction

During the first 48 hours following liposuction, patients experience varying degree of bruising and swelling.

One week after Liposuction

Bruising normally disappears within seven to ten days. Stitches are usually removed within a week of surgery.

One month after Liposuction

Most patients can expect 90 percent of the swelling to be subsided in about 4 weeks. Depending on the extent of stitches used with incisions, swelling may persist for 8-10 weeks.

General risks of Liposuction

    Infections Allergic reaction to anesthesia Blood clots Excessive fluid loss Damage to skin or nerves

Frequently Asked Questions about Liposuction

How long before I see results from my Liposuction?

You will be able to see an obvious improvement after liposuction. In 3 weeks, you will see a more evident difference in the shape and body profile. The final results will be noticeable will be witnessed after 6 months.

Will my incisions from Liposuction be visible?

Incisions made during liposuction are very small, about 5mm and are typically placed in hidden locations.


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