Medical tourism Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Medical tourism Plastic Surgery in ThailandPlastic surgery in Thailand. In addition to the various questions, letters, come to our e-mail, there are those who in the usual sense are not relevant to tourism. For example, as a medical tourism in Thailand. One of the most attractive industries is a plastic surgery in Thailand. After all, Thailand is now a leader in the plastics world. Dramatically increased the number of tourists traveling for the purpose of plastic, after the scandal with French implants.

Plastic surgery in Thailand makes people a series of questions. We will try to answer the main ones:

How much will it cost to increase bust operation in Thailand?

I intend to insert the teeth, until a rest, where you can do it?

Advise plastic surgery clinic?

Where can I find the sorcerer who makes special healing tattoo?

And so on – all this relates to medical tourism. I must say that in Thailand, medical tourism is not very popular, as, for example, in European countries. However, because of the cost of treatment, operations, which is much lower than in Europe, every year the flow of tourists is growing.

Thailand attracts more and more people who intend to combine business with pleasure.

It is worth noting that in Thailand, recovery after surgery is very fast.

So, the major medical tourism destinations in Thailand among visitors to this wonderful country for medical services, of course, is plastic surgery in Thailand.

Today in Thailand, there are many clinics for plastic with experienced doctors, but the rapid development of plastic surgery has gone well thanks to the Thais themselves.

Taking a walk through the streets and relaxing resort where fun and relaxing adult uncle, who did not even come across, and are not aware of anything plastic, say that the operation to increase the bust, here are doing as pies.

It turns out, Thai men, who just do not find their way without the breast, laid the foundation for such tourism destinations.

Plastic surgery in Thailand:

1. Increasing the bust;

2. Plastic person;

3. Human sex-change operations – creation of the vagina and the removal of the penis.

According to various sources, the number of plastic surgery Thailand is the leader, and the level of skill of surgeons in this beautiful country is not in doubt.

Plastic surgery in Thailand – different direction

The undisputed leading position in plastic surgery in Thailand does not mean that all the local doctors can only work in this area. The range of different services that are offered in many medical centers, as well as in other countries, is quite high.

Who is the greatest demand here are plastic surgery, and it is thanks to favorable prices when compared with Western, and excellent service. By the way, the demand for such services is great as locals and tourists from many countries, so much so that often organizes special medical tours for them. Then, in a recreation program, in addition to various excursions, included another visit to a plastic surgeon.

The most popular cosmetic surgery in Thailand

Unchanged following popular plastic surgery: an increase or decrease in breast, liposuction, face lift, body, Botox, hair transplantation, plastic nose, a full range of different specialist services for sex change.

I must say that blepharoplasty – Considered the most popular type of operation in Thailand. By the way it brings together a range of treatments aimed at reshaping the eyelids. To perform this type of surgery, hospitalization is not necessary, and the duration of the procedure will depend on the specific case (mainly required of hours – five hours).

Breast Implants – Surgery to correct the bust. Incidentally, it should be noted that it is most popular in second place. In this case, hospitalization is necessary, and the minimum period – one day.

The increase in demand for such services among the population is mainly determined by the greater influence of Western culture, especially the younger generation. Today, the beauty of them – in the first place. Many people are willing to be more similar to, so to speak, "the white man", and therefore especially women, who have enough money to enjoy special makeup with a strong bleaching spectacular, often resort to surgery to change the eye, breast augmentation, liposuction. In their view, all this brings them closer to the western or European beauty.

In Thailand, a great demand for sex change operations. This is due to the favorable prices, availability and, of course, experience.

Describe the most popular clinics in Thailand that provide different services for plastic surgery is not possible, but some of them certainly deserve great attention.

Plastic surgery in Thailand. Preecha Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

One of the most popular – the clinic, named after the famous doctor – founder. By the way, he still continued to operate in this clinic, but personally get to the knife Maitre is not easy, because there are always a lot.

The clinic has been operating for more than fifteen years. In this institution conducted different types of plastic surgery, popular today. It should be noted the interesting fact that for the time being, in the clinic was held for more than four thousand surgical gender reassignment.

Plastic surgery in Thailand. Hospital Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya – it is one of the most famous in the world and continues to consistently enjoy great popularity. It should be noted that more than a hundred of experienced professionals working in the center. This is not only engaged in various plastic surgery, but also treat various diseases.

Popular characterized surgery clinic at a level which is confirmed by JCI accreditation, and others. Today, customers of this wonderful institution are 130 people from countries around the world.

Plastic surgery in Thailand. Phuket International Aesthetic Center

The clinic is located on the beautiful tropical island, which for many years been associated with different tourists with both palms, and with surgery at the highest level.

In addition to low prices, a high level of qualification of clinic doctors, a great advantage of the aesthetic center is still the presence of its own website, where anyone can "online" to calculate the approximate price of the operation.

It should be noted that the Government of Thailand is personally involved in controlling the development of both plastic surgery and in general medical sector, and invests a lot of money in this direction. In spite of the excellent equipment and modern technology, the work of highly skilled professionals, comfortable atmosphere wards, the cost of operations in this wonderful country is quite acceptable, well below the price of similar services in other countries.

Thus, now rest in Thailand involves both a beach holiday and a good opportunity to visit an experienced plastic medicine. Today, in Thailand there is the rapid development of an interesting tourist destination as "medical tourism" and continues to steadily keep the leading position.

This is not surprising, because in the country there are now about five hundred private clinics or state level, the state owns all the necessary employees of a foreign language, the cost of miscellaneous services at much lower than in other countries, and professionalism is at a fairly good level.


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