Medical Tourism in Israel – prices

Medical Tourism in Israel - pricesThe cost of treatment in Israeli hospitals depends on many factors, and medical tourists there are at least two variants of the organization of treatment in Israel.

The first option – to appeal directly to the clinic. Despite the fact that this method is gaining popularity, it will require large investments from the patient effort, time and money. Collect all papers required for travel documents, search the hotel and think through alternative plans in case of force majeure – it all has to decide for themselves what is undoubtedly the biggest drawback of this option.

. Second way of The – Entrust to the Organization of diagnosis and treatment of the Company About enterprise | an intermediary. Coordination Center IsraelHospital more than 11 years working in the market of medical tourism in Israel. The solution to all the problems of the organizational plan the company undertakes, including the preparation of necessary documents, the selection of the place of residence, as well as the most important thing – to choose the most suitable clinic and doctor. Prices on medical tourism in Israel by contacting IsraelHospital comparable with those, if the patient is addressed directly to the clinic.


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