Patient Insurance

Patient InsurancePatients traveling to Dubai will find an easier route as well once they are able to obtain medical tourism insurance, both in-bound and outbound, for some procedures and treatments.

“We are working with all relevant stakeholders to streamline the medical tourism initiative for the Emirate,” Essa Al Maidoor. told the Khaleej Times. “The introduction of this insurance will help provide 360-degree comprehensive care to medical tourists and, therefore, we are presently studying the viability of such an insurance scheme.”

The medical tourism insurance will cover additional expenses in the event of complications for up to three months following the initial procedure or treatment, said Dr. Layla Al Marzouqi. acting director of health regulations for the Dubai Health Authority and director of the Dubai medical tourism initiative.

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“If the patient needs to return within three months to correct unsuccessful surgery/procedure or post-operative complication, the policy will cover medical expenses including flights toward the return trip and accommodations,” said Dr. Al Marzouqi.


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