The Journey

The Journey2011 Medicure Medical Travels was born in 2011 as speciality medical tourism company in India

With a focus on providing a unique and specialized medical travel consulting boutique Medicure medical travels was able to successfully leverage it’s unique services for medical tourists.

2012 Operations of Medicure Medical Travels reach the African Shores

After providing our specialized medical travel consulting services to the SAARC and Middle Eastern countries Medicure Medical Travels forayed into the largely untapped and unexplored medical tourism market of African countries. The focus of initial operations was limited to the Western African nations.

2013 Medicure Medical Travels set-ups 1st (first) health check-up and field visit camp in Nigeria

Medicure Medical Travels undertook the most ambitious and highly challenging task of organizing field visits and health checkup camps in the poorest areas in Nigeria. Not only was there a logistical challenge but also there was a security issues. But this effort by Medicure helped in bringing healthcare to economically vulnerable people.

2014 Medicure Medical Travels establishes Telemedicine Network

Medicure Medical Travels also undertook the effort to bridge the gap between medical professionals from India and African nations by establishing a telemedicine link between the hospital teams in Africa and India.

2015 Medicure Biotech Systems company established

Medicure establishes a surgical disposables and consumables manufacturing company catering to India and international markets. Medicure Biotech Systems builds upon the philosophy and objective of it’s sister company Medicure Medical Travels i. e. “Quality Healthcare At everyone’s doorstep”


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