Preventions or Health Precautions for Travel to Colombia

Any health risk of travel to Colombia may be reduced by the following precautionary health measures when visiting Colombia:

    Take your malaria prevention medication before/during/after travel as directed high rate of motor vehicle trauma – avoid night driving and wear seatbelts mosquito bite prevention insect bite protection avoid drinking non-treated water – only drink bottled or canned water eat only thoroughly cooked food or fruits and vegetables you have peeled yourself keep feet clean and dry – help prevent parasitic infections do not go barefoot – help prevent parasitic infections always use latex condoms to reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases don’t eat food purchased from street vendors don’t drink beverages with ice don’t share needles with anyone don’t handle animals (especially monkeys/dogs/cats) – to avoid bites and serious diseases (including rabies and plague – risk for travelers is small) don’t swim in fresh water. Salt water is usually safer volcanic activity, Earthquakes, torrential rains and mudslides may occur – take care and heed local precautions

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