Are You Looking For A Medical Trip To Ecuador?

Are You Looking For A Medical Trip To Ecuador?Jan 04, 2016

Ecuador has become a leading medical tourism destination owing to its good quality facilities, world-class hospitals and cost effectiveness. The various spas and resorts contribute to the wellness factor. Ecuador has been ranked 6th by the World Health Organization among countries providing the most efficient healthcare in the world.


Excellent Healthcare Facilities

Ecuador provides world-class medical facilities at extremely reduced costs; one has to pay only 7-15% of the costs in US or UK, according to Ecuador’s Investment Corporation. Its Ministry of Public Health has been working thoroughly to improve the quality of healthcare and has proved to be successful in this mission.

Ecuador finds a place among the top 20 most efficient healthcare systems in the world in a study conducted by bloomberg. com. Ecuador, with its superior amenities, cost value and improved healthcare has become one of the leading medical tourism destinations.

Superior Dentistry And Oncology treatments

Ecuador is famous for the use of the latest technology in the field of dentistry. The doctors are well-trained and the best feature of dental treatment in Ecuador is the extremely reduced costs; almost one-tenth of the costs in the US.

A wide variety of dental procedures are made available in these regions, in which root canal, extraction, crown fitting and veneering are the most common. Hospital Eugenio Espejo in Quito is a popular choice in Ecuador for dental tourism. For oncology, a well-liked hospital is the Society for the Fight against Cancer (SOLCA) in Cuenca which is one of its six branches in Ecuador. The hospital was established in 1957 and treats about 30,000 patients annually.

Dental fillings, crowns, implants, bridges and other treatments are offered by skilled and licensed practitioners in Ecuador. Source: Mark H. Overstreet via en. wikipedia. org

Pleasant Staff And Alternative Medicine

Another important feature about medical tourism in Ecuador is the privacy they offer, besides the pleasant staff. The doctors at hospitals in urban areas are fluent in English which allows trouble-free communication. Medical tourists get the facilities of private rooms, private nurses and personalized service at extremely reduced costs. The doctors and staff are known to be friendly which helps the patients feel almost at home.

Ecuador has developed a diverse array of alternative treatment facilities. Across the country, there are numerous healing centers, resorts and spas that provide widely popular alternative treatment homeopathic options. Many visiting patients use these as an option to relieve stress, while others turn to these methods for formal treatment.

Feel At Home In Ecuador

You feel almost at home in Ecuador. This country with its scenic beauty uses US dollar as its official currency. This helps you keep track of your expenditure and budget. Also, English is spoken widely here so medical tourists are not likely to face linguistic problems here.

Ecuador is very well-connected by both road and air. It takes only about 3.5 to 4 hours to travel from US to Ecuador by air. Public transport is also easily available here. Ecuador presents a vast range of activities that can be done in a very short span of time, owing to the size of the country. Adventurers can try the mountain biking on the Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador’s second tallest volcano, whereas the peace-loving people can cruise the Galapagos Islands. Otavela Market, South America’s biggest marketplace, is the ideal shopping destination here.

WHO rated medical care in Ecuador as the 6th best in the world. Its language and transport accessibility make it a popular medical destination. Source: alejomiranda via pixabay. com


Ecuador is known for the fact that it provides quality treatment at exceptionally affordable prices. On an average a medical tourist has to spend 7-15% of his expenditures in the US. Ecuador’s Investment Corporation’s director Xavier Patino has set forth a cost comparison list for various procedures available in Ecuador and the US.

Doctors in Ecuador take $200 to initiate a porcelain crown whereas in America this same procedure would cost about $2000. The cost for a heart bypass in Ecuador is almost less than one-tenth of the costs in the US. Same goes for a heart valve replacement, repair of a cerebral aneurysm and insertion of a heart pacemaker.

While the costs of massages, manicure and haircuts is almost negligible as compared to the costs in US, important procedures like hip and knee replacement is also less than one-fifth of the costs in the first world country.


The popular cities for medical tourism in Ecuador are Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca, with Cuenca leading them all. The top hospitals are Hospital Alcivar in Guayaquil, Hospital Metropolitano de Ecuador in Quito, and Hospital Eugenio Espejo in Quito as well.

Cities like Quito, Ibarra, Cuenca, and Guayaquil have a large number of hospitals and skilled medical practitioners to choose from. Source: Shane T. McCoy via en. wikipedia. org


The use of the best and latest technology in cardiology makes it an attractive treatment option here. Certain hospitals in Ecuador like Grupo Hospitalario Kennedy Hospital/Clinica Kennedy in Guayaquil provide effective reproductive medicine as well.


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