Cosmetic Ear Surgery Potential Risks

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Benefits

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Potential RisksOtoplasty has excellent benefits for patients. The procedure is very safe and has minimal risks. It can rectify many different kinds of ear imperfections. Children with awkward ears can use this procedure to prevent being teased and ridiculed by peers. Cosmetic Ear Surgery can better the balance of the facial features and enhance self-confidence. The Otoplasty recovery time is about a week. It has negligible scars and produces natural-looking results.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Cost and Procedure Time

TransEarth Medical Tourism is here to help you with the best quality low cost medical procedures. The medical services at TransEarth Medical Tourism cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other countries.

Visiting patients will be put up at the top hospitals in India for the procedures. You would be required to be in town for about a week for most of the cases. This is possible because wherever appropriate the surgeries are done by minimally invasive technique. Almost all our doctors are board certified surgeons and trained in the West.

The approximate expense, all inclusive cost of Cosmetic Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery) Surgery will be USD $1520 and this may vary depending on the implant, surgeon, facility and city of the procedure. TransEarth Medical Tourism works towards assuring affordable medical services to its patients.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery through TransEarth Medical Tourism

Any kind of surgery needs serious planning and gathering of information. At TransEarth Medical Tourism, we have the advantage of immense experience in dealing with patients, understand the importance of every surgery and treat each patient professionally. TransEarth Medical Tourism cares about your needs and ensures to offer you the best price for the medical services.

The surgeries are done by experienced and top surgeons in India. TransEarth Medical Tourism offers many treatments and procedures under one umbrella. Our case executive, nurse case manager and doctors will be constantly coordinating with the patient and relatives throughout their consultation, patient examination, diagnosis, investigation, surgery, immediate post operative period and recuperation while your stay in India. TransEarth Medical Tourism has a strong follow-up process and the patients are contacted in their home country for after care. All our patients because of their trust in us have referred their friends and relatives to TransEarth Medical Tourism for various medical needs. This, itself, is a testimony to the fact that they had the best patient experience.

TransEarth Medical Tourism provides assistance with free web patient consultations, second medical opinion, hospital and surgeon options, air-ambulance, road-ambulance, in-flight doctor, medical technician, ICU equipment, emergency medical evacuation, hotels, visa, family accommodation, air travel, local transport and more. We also assist you explore the country after your treatment if you wish. For more details and free consultation, you can fill in the inquiry form on our website. All your medical queries will be answered immediately.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Pre-Procedure Requirement

    Get lab test or a medical evaluation done. Take prescribed medicines or alter your present ones. Stop smoking well in advance. Avoid taking Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory pills. Follow special instructions given by the doctor.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Procedure

Anesthesia is given for the patient’s comfort during the procedure. The incisions for Otoplasty are normally made at the back of the ear. In case incisions are required to be at the front of the ear, they are made within its folds. Internal, non-removable stitches are employed to make and lock the newly remodeled cartilage in place. The incisions are closed with external stitches. Cosmetic Ear Surgery offers near immediate results in cases of protruding ears.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Post Procedure Advice

There may be a feeling of discomfort immediately after the Cosmetic Ear Surgery, but it can be taken care of by painkillers. Feeling itchy under the bandages is normal. It is necessary to continue wearing the bandages or it may cause loss of correction and lead to a secondary surgery. Be sure you know beforehand about what you can expect during your own recovery period.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery FAQ’s

    Q. What if I don’t like the final shape and position of my ears?

If the ears aren’t positioned too far behind, additional surgery can reposition them as required. But, in case of an opposite scenario it is too difficult to correct. Q. Do I need time off work? Most people engaged in desk job can return to work after a few days. Those who have physically taxing jobs are recommended to wait at least two weeks for healing to complete. Q. When is it fine to undergo Otoplasty? Deformation of the ear is inborn; hence you will mostly see children suffer from this aberration. A child should undergo Cosmetic Ear Surgery only after the sixth or seventh year of his or her life. Only then can we expect the ears to have reached 70-80 percent of their final size. Q. When should I decide against Otoplasty? You should not undergo this surgery if there is higher surgical risk or in case of wound healing disorder. Q. What are the results of an Otoplasty? The main objective is pull the cartilage together and rectification of the pinna. Surgical scars are usually invisible due to the advanced surgical methods. Q. Will I be placed under general anesthesia? Children are usually placed under general anesthesia. For adults, local anesthesia is requisite. Q. Is this an outpatient procedure or will I need to be hospitalized? This is normally an outpatient procedure even if you are placed under general anesthesia. You may be hospitalized for one day at the most. Q. Could (or should) I undergo Otoplasty again? Undergoing Otoplasty again is not beneficial if the surgery was successfully performed. Q. Will there be bruising and swelling after the Cosmetic Ear Surgery? Any surgery will bring along some degree of swelling and bruising. Typically, this subsides within two to three weeks. Q. How long will I wear a bandage? It is crucial to hold the ears in position for at least the first week. A dressing is draped around your head to pad the ears and protect them. Q. When can I resume normal activities? It is best to take rest for the first ten days. Bruising is unpredictable and usually positioned around the ears. Q. When should I call my doctor?

Call your doctor if you have the following symptoms:

• Fever over 101° F after the surgery

• Rising pain or swelling


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