Travel Assessment Appointments

Travel Assessment AppointmentsThe travel assessments are available by appointment only. We recommend that the initial assessment be set up as soon as the trip is contemplated and well in advance of the departure date. Some travel vaccinations may require six weeks to several months and multiple visits to complete the series. As a rule of thumb, please make an appointment at the same time you reserve your tickets for your trip.

CU on the Road also offers group appointments to several travelers traveling to the same destination for their travel education, pending availability. This visit will be followed by an individual Travel Telephone Assessment to review the health history (see section above). The nurse will then coordinate an appointment at Medical Services to administer vaccinations.

Prior to Your Assessment

    Please complete the online questionnaire via Open Communicator or respond to the email questionnaire, which will be sent to you once you make an appointment. Collect as much information regarding your immunization history and have it available. Original documents are not necessary.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Your Appointments


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