Insurance & Buyer Offerings

Insurance & Buyer OfferingsThe MTA works with and educates Buyers of Healthcare (insurance companies and employers) in the following areas:

    Creating Education and Engagement solutions for your plan members Identifying Centers of Excellence Education and Assistance in Implementing Medical Tourism & International Patient Programs Providing Material and Content to Employers for Employee Education Familiarization Trips – Ability for Buyers of Healthcare to travel and see first-hand Centers of Excellence Participation in the Global Medical Network Project – A collaboration between the MTA and the Global Benefits Association Certification for Insurance and HR professionals in Medical Tourism and International Patient Services Other Opportunities through the partnership between MTA and the Global Benefits Association, Global Benefits Magazine, and the Global Benefits Conference™(which are integrated with the MTA’s annual event) Attendance to the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress – Buyers of healthcare have the opportunity to attend for free; inquire today!

For More Information on our Buyers of Healthcare & Insurance Company Programs Please Contact Us info @medicaltourismassociation. com or Call US 561.791.2000


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