Our Amenities and Services

Our Amenities and ServicesAt CODET Vision Institute, the following amenities and services make your Medical Tourism experience in Mexico one-of-a-kind!

World Class Customer Service.

Dedicated Medical Tourism Case Manager.

Bilingual Personnel.

Not only will your Medical Tourism Case Manager speak to you in English, but our entire staff is proficient in English. At CODET, we believe that optimal communication is paramount, so we decided to hire only the friendliest staff that can communicate with our patients from all over the world!

Complementary Transportation.

CODET Vision Institute offers you transportation from anywhere in the San Diego/Tijuana metropolitan region, including both the San Diego International Airport and the Tijuana International Airport, to our facility, located only 1 mile from San Diego.

    CODET owns and operates its own patient-centric shuttle. CODET also has a special partnership with Uber in case you prefer this mode of transport. Finally, for those patients who wish to drive to our facility, we provide a free medical pass that will allow you to cross back to San Diego through the special medical fast-lane, a program that CODET Vision Institute helped pioneer a few years ago.

Assistance with Accommodations.

CODET has partnership agreements with different hotels throughout the region. Lupita, your dedicated Medical Tourism Case Manager, will guide you through the process of booking a hotel and arranging other travel accommodations.

Best in class Medical Staff.

Our medical staff consists of MDs that have been trained in the best ophthalmology institutions, from all over the world. Each MD has been trained in a highly specialized sub-specialty in ophthalmology to reach a maximum level of expertise in the specific area. Our doctors are also members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Multifaceted Region. In addition to the amazing experience you will have at CODET Vision Institute, the Tijuana and Baja California region offers so much more:

    Wine tasting in the Guadalupe Valley Whale Watching in Ensenada Exquisite Mexican Cusine in Tijuana and all over Baja World class resorts and spas in Tecate

Like in everything else, Lupita can help you plan all sorts of differents parts of your dream, Baja California vacation!

​We hope you choose to change your life and your vision with us at CODET Vision Institute. We promise you will have an amazing experience!

Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002

Medical Tourism in Mexico – Medical tourism to Mexico is growing increasingly popular each year, particularly among US patients. It is for this reason that cities in Mexico on the border with the US are among the most popular medical tourism destinations in the country. Tijuana, not far south of San Diego, for example, boasts some of the finest medical facilities anywhere in the Americas. Popular treatments include high-tech eye surgery and bariatric surgeries such as lap band surgery.

Mexico Cosmetic Surgery – Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is particularly popular among US patients who have long been crossing the border for low cost plastic surgery. Tijuana in particular boasts several excellent clinics catering to medical tourists with breast procedures such as breast lifts and body and facial procedures such as vaginoplasty, tummy tucks and face lifts available.

Mexico Dental Tourism – Dental treatments are widely available in Mexico and thousands of US citizens make the journey south of the border each year for the quality services that are offered at very favorable rates. Crowns, dentures and implants can all be sought here as well as cosmetic procedures such as laser teeth whitening. Popular clinics are located in cities such as Los Cabos, Tijuana and Baja Sur.

Mexico Alternative Medicine – Specialists practicing alternative medicine can be hard to find in Mexico, but the country is becoming popular for its alternative cancer treatments where herbal remedies and diet supplements are used to combat the disease.

Mexico Health Spas – Mexico boasts many resorts to choose from on the lower Baja peninsula, on the Pacific coast, and also along the Caribbean. A number of resorts are incorporating spas, which now commonly feature in medical tourism packages. An ideal package, which tour operators working in cooperation with medical tourism facilities are able to organize, can include a period of recovery at a secluded seaside resort. One popular Pacific coast resort uses seawater from the Pacific Ocean in its treatments.


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