Medical tourism in colombia

Medical tourism in colombiaTourism is the act of people traveling from one place to the other outside their usual environment for different purposes including leisure, business, pleasure and satisfaction of self-desires for a given period of time. This includes domestic tourism, international tourism, business of accommodating, attracting, entertaining tourists and operation of tours. This is a vibrant and competitive industry that necessitates the ability to constantly adapt to customer changing needs and requirements to ensure clients safety, satisfaction and enjoyment to the maximum.

Tourism constitutes a wide variety of sectors whose purpose is to provide diverse services and products to both visitors and local residents. This sectors include accommodation, travel services, entertainment, recreation, transportation and food and beverage services. Transportation services include use of airlines, taxis, jumbo jets, cruise ships and other travel services offered by tourist companies. Other accommodation and entertainment services include resorts, amusement parks, hotels, casinos, theaters, shopping malls and music venues. In addition to food, beverages and recreation services, tourists also purchase many other supplies including cloths, souvenirs and indigenous market products. Over decades this services have experienced continuous growth and improved diversity to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. This has linked modern Medical tourism in colombia to increased developments making it a key driver in social, economic and cultural progress of the host country, enhancing international relations. Payment of goods and services by tourists leads to a large income value in the local economy of the area community, creating employment opportunities in service sector associated with tourism. According to UNWTO international tourist arrivals grew by 4.6% in the year 2015 to 1184 million people in the USA. It’s estimated to have generated the US $1.5 trillion in export earnings in the same year and it forecasted to have a growth of between 3.5% and 4.5% in the year 2016.

There are different types of Medical tourism in colombia according to interest of tourist and this include sport, space, social, experiential, dark, creative, educational, medical, recession, pro-poor, ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Ecotourism involves traveling to primeval, delicate and protected areas that are of ecological importance, providing conservation funds and enhancing economic and political developments in those locality. Sustainable tourism on the other hand involves fulfillment of social and aesthetic needs through management of resources while maintaining cultural integrity, biological diversity, ecological processes and life support systems. Medical tourism involves traveling from one location to the other to take advantage of medical prices or regulatory differences due to difference in regulatory regimes in relation to a given medical procedure.

Pro-poor tourism involves traveling to help developing countries fight poverty through small scale projects in local communities. Creative tourism can be considered as a part of cultural tourism and includes participation of travelers in cultural backgrounds of host community for interactive purposes and educational experience. Experiential tourism involves traveling to a given country for purposes of experiencing cultural background, connecting with their history, food and people of the host communities. This are the types of tourism just to mention a few and their impact on the social, economic and cultural impact on host communities is substantial providing income and job opportunities to area residents. In conclusion, the consumer is usually the most important part of the tourism sector and investors in this area should consider them in planning and decision making and ensure complete satisfaction of the client.


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