Must Know

Must KnowThe small globe lying in one of the corners of your room is actually a very big place. There are people, called globe trotters, who are fond of exploring new lands and enriching themselves with new experiences. The globe trotters have or develop one distinguished trait and that is to look for the right thing and at the right place. Chennai is a great destination and it would be a blunder to miss essential things during a sojourn in the city. Therefore, it is recommended to have a prior knowledge of the place, once you are destined to reach the place. Some essential facts about the city that a tourist must know as such are:

    Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state is primarily a developed urban center. The city features a number of industrial and commercial places. Some of the regions like Ambattur (extension of Chennai) are better known for these factors only. So, do not expect a fantasy island at such places The prime attractions in the city are popular temples, churches and mosques. There are going to be a good lot of people when you reach for these places. For solitude and a nice quite holiday try the beaches instead The city is the least populated amongst the metropolitan cities of India. But that in no way means that it is sparsely populated. You will find a good crowd, especially in the central most regions of Chennai like Egmore, George Town and Triplicane Chennai culture is very difficult to define. The region is marked by a culture that is dominated by Tamil traits and subdued cosmopolitan features The place falls in the south east of India, has an international and domestic airport terminal, railway network that connects it with other cities of India and a vast network of roadways. For commutation there are buses, taxis, auto rickshaws The climate is hot and humid. In summers people do sweat and the temperature is not tolerable One important thing about Chennai – the actual city center and geographical city center do not coincide Tamil and Malayalam dialects are largely used by the people. Do not panic, there are Hindi and Urdu speakers as well, besides English People are quite literate and the rate is without doubts high – 80.14 %

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