Top go-to places for medical tourism

Top go-to places for medical tourismAre you still thinking where to go for medication? Why not to try abroad? Medical tourism has cemented its place as one of the booming industry these days. Patient all over the world is struggling to afford or find the right treatment abroad whereas numerous countries offer high-quality care at a very reasonable price.

Millions of patients across the world seek for medication each year creating a big impact in the global medical industry. Health tourism offers the best medical care, low-cost procedures, hassle-free appointments and the chance to travel. Thailand and South Korea are just amongst the Asian countries that offer world-class cosmetic treatments wherein they obtain worldwide recognition. If you are still thinking where to go for a medical travel, we listed some of the best go-to places for health care tourism.

Singapore’s high-quality healthcare

One of Asia’s strongest economy Singapore. The country obtains its global reputation for high-quality healthcare and is highly considered as one of the top destination of medical tourists around the world. The government is focusing on the improvement for general surgery and medicine including cardiology, oncology and organ transplant.

Over the last 2 years, their 400,000 and 610,000 patients traveled to Singapore, 70% of it is from Indonesia. Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore was rated as on the world’s top-10 hospitals for medical tourism.

Malaysia as medical travel’s best-kept secrets

Estimated, 670,000 people travel to Malaysia every year. Known for their world-class “executive” healthcare screenings mostly in the cities of Kuala Lumpur or Penang. You can easily get along as most of the citizen can speak fluent English and considered cost saving comparable to India with a very friendly environment.

Thailand’s meticulous cosmetic surgery

Bangkok is considered to be as one of the world’s best known for cosmetic surgery worldwide. Consisting of 900 practitioners with 55 specialties accommodating 1000 patients every day makes up Thailand’s formidable medical tourism.

The country is known for its over-the-top cosmetic surgery including sexual gender reassignment, nose jobs, and breast augmentations. Treatment in Thailand is relatively cost-efficient compare to other western countries considering its excellent facilities and procedures.

India’s medical tourism market

India has become a go-to place for medical tourist bringing an influx of patients from nearby countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Central Asia. The country is also becoming popular among westerners like the Americans, Canadians, and Europeans because treatment costs are very inexpensive.

Estimate 250,000 international patients considered India as their health care refuge. Treatments include those for fertility, orthopedic, cardiac, oncology and organ transplants.

Medical tour packages in the Philippines

The Philippines has long been favorite for beach holidays, but with an emerging high standard of health treatment, care and an initiative by the government, people are now seeing the country as the place for procedures that they cannot have at home. Many medical tour packages are now available which offer a travel and hospital service at a very reasonable and convenient to the patient. Medical services include cardiology, rheumatology, cataracts surgery, knee replacement, and bone marrow transplants.

Japan’s healthcare competitive advancements

Medical tourism is a promising market in Japan; the country offers sophisticated surgical procedures that are “considerably less” than in the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia. The country reached $55 billion global tourism marketing worth and growing as much as 25 percent annually with the number of visitors continuously growing. Japan considered Health care treatment is a new theme that can attract more tourists.

Mexico specialises in weight loss treatment and surgery

More than 50,000 Americans crossing the border each year mainly for dental work, a way cheaper than in the U. S. For the last 2 years there are 200,000 and 1.1 million patients visit Mexico entirely for medical tourism. Mexico also specialises in weight loss treatment and surgery to obese Americans.

Brazil’s King of plastic surgery

The country is another popular destination for cosmetic surgery with approximately 180,000 foreign patients from all over the world. The Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio de Janeiro holds the name as the “King of plastic surgery” because of its excellent facilities, quality treatments at a very reasonable price.

Health travel services are slowly gaining attention, with growing numbers of investors, reliable agents, recovery accommodations and travel support services in the Latin American region. The country currently has over 40 JCI-accredited hospitals while language may be a setback, hospitals have translators to help break the language barrier for non-English speaking patients but English is widely spoken in Brazil.

Turkey as a center for eye treatments

The country offers inexpensive eye treatments and considered as a popular choice of Europeans. Turkey boasts its European and American-trained doctors that can provide cardiac, cancer and orthopedic care. The Dunyagoz Hospitals group has eye-care centers across Turkey as well as Holland, Germany, and England. Roughly, 30,000 medical tourists each year coming from over 100 countries visited Turkey.

United States and its world-renowned clinics

Medical tourism in the United States has always been at its peak. Despite the high price treatments between 600,000 and 800,000 foreigners, still consider the U. S. as their go-to place for health care travel. The country houses its world-renowned clinics include Cleveland in Ohio, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and Mayo Clinic. The Clinics are equipped with high-standard equipment, world-class facilities and experience doctors that is why patients all over the world travel to the United States seek access to medical procedures that are not available in their home country.

Patients can access these hospitals regarding specific services about their medical travel. These services are intended to facilitate the medical tourism process and to ease difficulties among international patients.


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