U. S. and Canada

ExamplesThe health care law invests in training and supporting thousands of new primary care doctors and nurses by providing bonus payments, scholarships and loan repayment. [Healthcare. gov ]

[T]hey demonstrate that health care reform is still an unpredictable work in progress. [Fortune ]

Circumcision can also be a matter of family tradition, personal hygiene or preventive health care. [Mayo Clinic website ]

You want to be a patient of the health care system, not a victim of it. [Globe and Mail ]

The health care home model contributes to these goals by improving health care delivery at the patient level through redesigning and expanding the scope of primary health care services. [American Journal of Public Health 1 ]


U. K.

Make far greater use of society in healthcare. [Guardian ]

The most important development in state intervention in healthcare provision in the pre-NHS period was the enactment of public health legislation. [Social Policy and Welfare ]

It could adopt the healthcare reforms he was demanding before the election. [Telegraph ]

NHS continuing healthcare is a package of continuing care provided outside hospital, arranged and funded solely by the NHS, for people with ongoing healthcare needs. [U. K. NHS website ]

The setting up of public-private healthcare partnerships to take over provision of healthcare to the expatriate population is a near-term target. [Financial Times ]


1. Grant, Roy, and Danielle Greene. 2012. “The Health Care Home Model: Primary Health Care Meeting Public Health Goals.”American Journal Of Public Health 102, no. 6: 1096-1103. ↩


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