An Invitation To Turkey | Dental Tourism

An Invitation To Turkey | Dental TourismMany countries in the world recognize that Turkey has a healthy environment with low pollution levels and a Mediterranean diet. It is a popular tourist destination being able to offer a fantastic climate, sophisticated seaside getaways, package holidays and beer cruises. It also offers us a look into some of our ancient history from the Hittites to the Byzantines and beyond. One would imagine that this would be sufficient, however as the world is constantly changing so is the field of medicine. Turkey is undergoing its own medical revolution and would like to invite you to take part. It has returned to the top of the Medical Tourists to visit list. It boasts state of the art private Hospitals and clinics, coupled with Turkish hospitality and some of the most amazing tourist spots in the world. Many of these are protected and supported by UNESCO. As a result of tectonic activity it has some of the best geothermal springs and wellness centers in the world, and all of this within easy reach of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Historically Medical Tourism is entwined like the caduceus though out Turkey’s existence, from the time of Hippocrates (thought to be the father of modern medicine) on the Aegean Island of Kos. Galen of Bergama who performed surgeries so advanced it would be nearly two thousand years before they were attempted again. This also includes ultramodern laparoscopic and plastic surgeries, with treatments for infertility and dental implants to name but a few.

You don’t have to go far for good health

Turkey occupies a strategic geographical position between Asia, Europe and Middle East, and is a confluence between two continents. Many countries have easy access and are a short journey from Turkey by plane.

Hospital quality that’s internationally approved

Health tourists arriving in Turkey benefit in two ways, first there is the very low cost as compared to most European countries, and second the extremely high quality. The quality of medical services in Turkey has been approved by international institutions like JCI (Joint Commission International) which is an adjunct of the JCAOH (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). There is also the ISO Quality Management system (International Organization for Standardization) which is also used by so many Hospitals in Turkey. With 35 hospitals accredited by JCI, Turkey ranks second in the world.

No communication problems

Turkey’s Doctors are very highly trained and normally their training is completed in English. There is very little in the way of communication problems as doctors and staff speak various foreign languages. In the rare instances where this is not the case then interpreters are employed.

Your health is in good hands

Turkey gives maximum importance to patients’ rights and security. This means it is very rare to hear of malpractice cases in Turkey. Health tourists coming to Turkey as a guests are completely safe.

How about coloring your medical trip with culture, history or both? If you are seeking quality, economy and safety, then seeking medical treatment in Turkey is the way to go.

    England (London)- Izmir 3hrs Morocco (Casablanca)- Izmir 4hrs Germany(Berlin)- Izmir 2hrs 10mn Holland(Amsterdam)- Izmir 2hrs 45mn Austria (Vienna)- Izmir1hrs 35mn Switzerland (Basel)- Izmir2hrs 18mn Russia(Moscow)- Izmir2hrs 11mn Bulgaria(Sofia)- Izmir 38mn Romania(Bucharest)- Izmir 55mn Syria(Damascus)- Izmir 1hrs 19mn Saudi Arabia (Mecca) – Izmir 3hrs 15mn Tunisia (Tunis) – Izmir 2hrs Jordan (Amman) – Izmir 1hrs 55mn Kazakhstan (Almaty) – Izmir 4hrs 52mn United Arab Emirates (Dubai) – Izmir 3hrs 43mn Azerbaijan (Baku) – Izmir 2hrs 12mn US (California-Los Angeles) – Izmir 13hrs 43mn America (New York) – Izmir 10hrs Italy (Roma) – Izmir 1hrs 43mn Greece (Athens) – Izmir 42mn Uzbekistan (Tashkent) – Izmir 4hrs 10mn

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