Medical Volunteer Programs in Africa

Medical Volunteer Programs in AfricaIf everyone can help another person in their life the world will be a better place. Volunteering on community initiatives is a popular way to give service, there are lots of ideas like building/constructions projects, helping people and improving facilities and standards. We recommend you print out some local language phrases which you can use to enhance your experience, this will really help you interact with local people and make the whole trip easier. For example asking for directions people will probably be more likely to help if you ask politely in their language.

You can join skilled and non-skilled programs throughout the continent in private/public hospitals or as part of outreach teams. If you already work in this profession your skills will be needed or if you don't have experience there are lots of ways you can work in teams contributing on awareness initiatives for illnesses and diseases. There are various roles available for doctors, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, social workers & child psychologists. Spending a couple of weeks or months on a medical outreach project will be an inspiring experience.

You could be working in temporary clinics conducting screenings and referral programmes for communities that otherwise has little or no access to health care. This is then followed up by free treatment either at a well-equipped surgery, temporary hospital treatment rooms or at a village clinic in which we provide the equipment. Working with rural communities is a great experience and these programs are ideal for elective students or recently qualified professionals wanting to gain substantial experience of clinical procedures, especially extractions and restorations, in challenging conditions. You can expect days to be busy, last year medical organisations screened and treated over 100,000 people!

Medical & Healthcare Programs in Kenya

Kenya has a poor public health system and you can work in specially set up areas, hospitals or join outreach teams travelling out into rural areas to help people. There are skilled / non-skilled placements, some you will be required to have a formal education but no previous experience is required for non professional placements. On HIV / AIDS volunteer programs you might be raising awareness of the disease in local communities in hope of stopping and preventing the spread of the disease, around 5 – 10% of the population suffer from this devastating disease. We work with organisations which can place you in medical centres in places like Mombasa on the East Coast, there are nurses and nurses in training required all the time to help with daily tasks and duties at surgeries. You will work side by side with local doctors helping local people who are in need of assistance, most centres lack resources and staff and you might be thrown straight into the action when you arrive. You could help children affected by poverty, abandonment, illness and disease by applying to be a child welfare assistance. On this positions you will be able to help children gain their smiles back by helping with their education and healthcare.

Medical & Healthcare Programs in Malawi

Rural communities in Malawi are in desperate need of assistance, usually the nearest hospital or clinic is miles away and local lack the transportation to seek help. Outreach teams and organisations arrange clinics which go direct to comunities and perform check ups, minor surgery, advice and also assistance. Usually skilled professionals are encouraged to apply but there are also spots available for general assistants with no medical background. These placements can be an eye opening experience but also extremely rewarding when you get to see the difference you make on the ground.


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