Other Relevant Issues for Travel to Italy

The following may be issues relevant to travel to Italy: high level medical care where facilities are comparable to other industrialised countries is available in major cities, adequate medical care is available throughout the rest of the country but may not be to the standards of industrialized countries » Next page: Jamaica


Turkey Branches Out Into Medical Tourism

* Medical tourism on the rise in Turkey * Private healthcare industry flourishing * Government striving to boost tourism receipts * Could help distinguish Turkey from European competitors * Tax-free healthcare zones under consideration By Can Sezer and Ceyda Caglayan ISTANBUL, April 3 (Reuters) - Sitting in a private clinic in an upscale neighbourhood of … Continue reading Turkey Branches Out Into Medical Tourism

Do I need insurance?

You could take the point of view that these things always happen to someone else and travel without any form of insurance. But people who leave home uninsured can end up paying a high price for this type of thinking. It's much better to pay a small price now, to ensure protection against the unforeseen.

10. Thailand

Thailand is famous for its cosmetic surgery with an excellent medical infrastructure to support it. As such this tourist destination spot has been effectively able to grab patients from nearby countries like Japan, Vietnam, China and South Korea. Again, Westerners also come to Bangkok and Phuket for elective surgeries as they are much less cost … Continue reading 10. Thailand

Our Procedures

MedVacation offers high quality procedures comparable to those offered by doctors in the U. S. at a 30-50% discount. Our focus and expertise lie in four medical segments: In vitro fertilization and infertility treatments Dental procedures such as titanium dental implants, crowns and denture implants Elective surgical procedures for which medical travel represents superior value … Continue reading Our Procedures

Functions of India tourism offices

Collection, compilation and dissemination of tourist information in India and abroad, and attending to enquiries of international tourists, tour operators and members of the travel industry such as airlines, steamship companies and hotels. Cooperation with international travel and tourist organizations at government and non-government levels. Development of tourist facilities of interest to international tourists. Publicity … Continue reading Functions of India tourism offices

Friday, October 22, 2010

Health Tourism India Health Tourism India website is providing an effortless and straight entrance to the complete information on the top-notch, cost-comfort healthcare and premier freedom /visit opportunities providing in India. Medical Tourism, also known as Global Health, is one of the fastest growing industries in Global Healthcare. As, the healthcare crisis worsens in the … Continue reading Friday, October 22, 2010

NC (North Carolina) Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Related Terms: Medical tourism in NC section, includes general infrmation about Medical tourism Procedure, Medical tourism NC Local News, Medical tourism NC Surgeon Locator and other Medical tourism related material. Medical tourism Procedure Medical Tourism is also known as Medical Travel. Health Tourism. Health Travel. Medical Value Travel. Healthcare Abroad. Medical Overseas. Overseas … Continue reading NC (North Carolina) Medical Tourism