Medical Tourism Asia

The Asian countries have taken the forefront of medical tourism. The two most popular destinations are India and Thailand. India in particular, with it's low-cost treatments and many western trained doctors, is growing rapidly. However, both The Philippines and Singapore have government-backed medical tourism programs and are actively seeking overseas patients.


What is Medical Tourism? BAC Medical Tourism has positioned itself as the global leader in medical tourism with over 75 providers in over 20 countries worldwide. Without fully understanding what medical tourism is, the previous sentence means absolutely nothing. Therefore, the following is an overview of what medical tourism is, and how it's growing in … Continue reading THE HEALTHCARE YOU DESERVE, AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD!&trade

Track the results

Use web analytics to track the effectiveness of the campaign and to determine whether you need changes in your strategy. If you find that a blog post describing hotels and restaurants — or your hospital’s accommodations for family members — brings traffic, you’ll know that this is a concern for your target market. Naturally, you … Continue reading Track the results

Top 10 Countries For Medical Tourism In The World

Medical tourism is becoming more popular than ever. With more and more healthcare facilities across the globe offering choice, affordability, innovation, and quality care, it’s becoming difficult to choose where to go. Fortunately, there are a few countries that stand out as the premier providers of medical tourism services. Countries like Mexico, India, Turkey, Thailand, … Continue reading Top 10 Countries For Medical Tourism In The World

Some Questions to Ask About Overseas Travel Insurance

Prior to obtaining overseas travel medical insurance, almost all companies will ask your age and if you have any pre-existing medical conditions (usually a series of Yes/No questions). If you are looking for travel insurance and have pre-existing medical conditions, you should declare them as failure to declare relevant history may void your insurance, so … Continue reading Some Questions to Ask About Overseas Travel Insurance


Government urged to strengthen organ donation norms 10-Mar-2017 Dr. Sunil Prakash presented to the Health Minister of India to strengthen and streamline the process of Cadaver Organ Donation. Exponential Rise of Kidney Diseases in India 10-Mar-2017 On the occasion of World Kidney Day, BLK Super Speciality Hospital had organised a unique program t India Habitat … Continue reading Latest

Dubai City Tour

Discover Bedouin's Life If you're searching for a new experience, great adventures with your friends or maybe a lovely time with your family at a perfect spot, you're very welcome to Dubai.. Dubai is a great city and gives you a lot of options, from your great shopping potential until amazing desert adventures. You will … Continue reading Dubai City Tour